Wednesday, November 5, 2014

A self-command to the Ficklish heart..

Deep in ma heart..
I am habituated ..
To love You unconditionally..
To admire however u looked..
To search you around me....
Never dreamt in life that the You would be You..
Never wanted You to be You..
When I cant be me and You cant be YOU..
WE failed... It weighs me down..
The pain of expectations...loss and Love..
The endless vacuum of unanswered questions..
IF time can heal Let days go by..
Let days go by..
Never shall i look back..
Never shall I sell my Soul..
The dignity of my race..
The purity of my Thoughts..
The truth in my eyes..
To the demonic Craze..
Never shall I spill a drop of before Eros in you..
May these fake Cupids Fly away..
These hovering thoughts drain out of my nerves..
Dwelling in past...
The Insomniac search for redemption..
May the clock tick ahead..
May the Earth do the Ballet Spin..
And fly these moments in the Sands of time...

- Sarah...

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