Tuesday, December 8, 2015

A Journey from Dream to Reality

No: 4

After a long awaited Gossip Conversation with a Soulmate Friend
Full of Joy, She retired to her cozy bed..
Walled by teddys and pillows & The heart from her Love, 
She curled into the wool fighting  the cold weather.
Mixed were emotions, 
Kindled by memories and quests from Past to Future,
Her body gave way for tunes to seep through..
In a song or two she transcended to another world 
Which was unusually not her haunting past..                                                                           


The days of music by the sea shore,
Wondering what life has in Store!
The wet sands and kissing waters,
Soothing her dancing toes.
Wandering along the ever-changing border line,
Munching on the permutations and combinations of
Wonders of Nature and Thunders of Life..
Days and years can just run by with ease in the breeze..                                             

The joyous moments of Windy Rides,
Quenching her thirst to break stereotypes.
Ravishing with pride and Entranced in Love.
Forgetting the thrusted expectations.
Forgoing the barriers, guilt, pain and pressures.
Enthralling, Enchanted, Exuberant moments..
Days and years can just go by with ease in the streets..                                              

The ever-refreshing Family Chats and Tea times,
Bullying mom's Culinary Skills, Nagging dad for extravaganzas,
Teasing her sleepy head brother,
Holding on to meaningless chats, so the moment can last-long,
Waiting for a soul-mate love to join the joy, Cursing the fury of Fate..  
Days and years can just go by lost in the scent of Chai..                                                  

The five years of heavenly existence, A world once she belonged..
That felt more than a home, an abode of joy,
The world that has and was cared (by) her,
The memoirs of her mixed emotions...
Days and years can just go by lost deep in the woods of learning..                               

The pictures of extreme reality, 
Soulful Moments of Pride & Happiness
Soothing the yearning soul with Musical Dreams..
An awakening creek crept into her ears.                                                                       

Perhaps the earphones damaged- voices in her head,
With sudden Jerk she opened up, Set aback by the sudden bodily reflex..
A black oval moving object, Sneaked in fear through the Walls of her Cot..                   

Speeded her heart with all Panting, An African Rodent introduced fear into the picture, 
The journey ended, leaving dreaded realization about Survival Engulfing her soul.      
All she could do was Accept, Ignore and Continue the sleep.. 

For the duties of Tomorrow neither Stops
For the restlessness of Today nor 
For the Remeniscience of Yesterday..
For life has to Move on- Silence was restored In & Out.

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