Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Adieu for NOW and NOT FOREVER

No: 2

There was a Girl, who loved the roars of the sea,
Every morning she sparked words of Joy during TEA
To travel, to babble, to be in all Love
She always dreamt of a life of satisfaction and Jove
Was the pride of achievement- A Key?
Was feeding expectations- A Spree?
Was it the real want of her Soul? Was it a need or a mere want?

Numerous questions piling the Ventricles
The pain of Gasping moments..
Was it the usual Flying experience?
Was it the panting of Separation?

Her learned mind Spake of Universality,
Her moral mistress lectured of Gratitude.
The Pride in her heart Ping'd of Grit
Deep Down in the corner of her humaneness
The Cupids of her heart Quested of Real Joy!

A single moment to conflict the power of her Will.
As she Entered the No Regrets Zone,
Pictures from memories of Sea to Tea,
Moments of Love and Laughter,
Smeared through her Tear Filled Eyes..
To say Adieu for NOW and NOT FOREVER..


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