Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Rhythms of the Soul

This is a Collection of poems that I wrote during my idle times at Zambia. "The Rhythms of the Soul" was written at times when I had private conversations with my soul in Absolute silence from the external world and noisy screams internally.  *Criticisms, Opinions, Comments welcomed. 


"Will I Regret?"

With all joy and pride the journey started
            Engulfing the tears of Separation
Envisioning the dream of Achievement
            The hands were Cold yearning for the Last Touch
The cheeks were jumping away, for a last Kiss
            It was all put to rest with a Final Hug.
When it is the first step, the first flight
            Hands spread as Wings, Legs seem
Hanging like Strings of a Balloon
            She took all courage to not look back
To not heed to the temptations of the Cupids
            Feeding the soul with Pride and Honor
Seeding the fields of Profession- A journey to seek Perfection
            All for that single Gleam in their Eyes
With an Everlasting Question in Soul- Will I REGRET?


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