Tuesday, December 8, 2015

The Adieu Party

No: 3

On a bright sun Filled morning, At his desk
The old telephone rang, the noise making everyone brisk.
Was it a cal for War or for Peace?

With Peace he went down the stairs- an Hour Passed.
He returned with a Flung-down Face, Tossed. 
A part of him was saying the D-Day has Come.
A part of him questioned was the 'D' Deary or Dreary?

With all joy of accomplishment, ready to bid Adieu,
To that Family he lived with ..
Perhaps the time was too short for the love to grow..
A Fierce Shot on the Trusted Soul

For a Change the Adieu Party was fully Paper Work, 
Conciliations, answering the Pride of Power,
The fierce of Authority, 
Long sessions of Scrutiny.. 

Engulfing the Tears of Disappointment,
Enclosing the Angers of Betrayal in a Smile, 
His restless heart hopped with Hope,
The so So-called Farewell was made Easy, 
A seperation Worthy of being Forever, 

Three days after the dreary war in Life...
He never Looked back, To heed to the fake Smile..
The Rarest of Adieu Parties- THEN & the Commonest- NOW


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