Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Dear Women (You and Me)...

Dear Women,
When God created You and Me,

He forgot to chisel out Patience and Hope,
That hang as Two bags of Fire as Bosom.

He mistakenly cut out a piece of flesh, 
That gave us Low Intolerance.

He let our hair grow as Shy and 
Stereotypes grew inside and outside us!

He made this Skin Silky Soft,
So they can Touch and Flondle,
To finally Smear at our fault of being Delicate!

He gave us tears to wipe this body
Of the Shame and Vexation it Feels!

He gifted You and Me Curves
That can let Code and Hon-our Slip Away!

He perfected his art of imperfections
And tested it by letting his folks Play!

Like a game of Chess..
At times a Fantasy
Mostly a War!

Sometimes I feel the game shall cease
If the Coins disappear!

And It makes me wish..
To cut my bosom like my hair!

Once again to prove- He chose Pain 
To the Pleasure of Simple Existence
For You and Me...

Infuriated by the system of Life, 
Frustrated with the code of living,
Crying Out in Words,

Friday, September 9, 2016

The Gory Truth

I wish not to spell out these words…
But I have!
Every time a story begins with exchanging smiles
Hoping it would last miles in the memory lane.
But, it ends when “being Good” fades away,
Smiles turn to laughter, fun-filled memories,
Carrying you away by a mirage of fake-hood
All for you to know it never really existed!
Blinded by trust and the lust to impress,
Leading to that one fine day of Rainfall…
When the same white light for your entire world
Turn to conspicuous colors of innateness…
Until the lightning of truth strikes
And the thunder of the true-self, bolts!
Like the fiery driveling mouth of a hungry dragon
Waiting to engulf,
All that faith that grew with Joy,
Leaving you parched and scarred...
Dried Storms of Fear,
Stopping Small Steps of Hope.
The wonders that stand in the sands of time,
Speak “Experience is just a Visitor who adds Glory
And it falls apart when the Soul heeds to Worry”
Yet I say, “I lost trust in humanity…”