Sunday, March 27, 2016

I Have a Story to Share...

Dear Readers,

Many Say that Story Telling is an Art.. Which I knew Not..
Been Long since I narrated a story. So, here is the story of the most hilarious experience of Continuous failures within a span of a few hours after getting a Phoenix Bird Inked below my Neck.
As a result my excitement and curiosity to get inked I was finally able to find a tattoo Artist to get the Job done. He is a friend of a friend. Vishal- A really dedicated artist I must say. I was so desperate to get inked. As it was a weekday and I have been getting bad remarks from my Boss for being late to work for the last few days, It was certainly not an apt time to get a tattoo done as I had to hurry back to work in the morning even if I have post-ink pains and irritations. I woke up on a Tuesday morning all excited about getting inked. Couldn't dare to miss morning workouts as that is where the spirit to carry my whole day comes from. Meeting a bunch of enthusiastic people beyond age limitations with the spirit to stay active and healthy is really an inspiration which can help one to handle the tifts and rifts of IT work life. 
Wait are we loosing track? Lets get back to the story of me getting Inked and the After-math. 
I freshened up, all ready to go to work directly after getting Inked, I rushed to Tiruvanmayur. Time keeping has never been my cup of tea since Child-hood. The rush and hush at the last minute, though terribly stressful, gives an exuberant feeling equivalent to conquering the whole world, especially when you go late and yet you get things done on time. I served my appetite with one such Royale feeling that day. Thoughts rushing about the Pain of getting inked, getting scolded one more time for running Late, Family getting upset on the act of getting Inked, music in the ears and romantic thoughts of a semantic listener engulfing all these mixed feelings just in one melodious  yet meaningful tune, that is the exact way most of my mornings to work, meetings, get-togethers and most of all getting back home late in the night are like. The whole day feels wasted without the adrenaline rush. I sometimes feel that Freud must have included an overlapping psycho-sexual stage of excitement and euphoria for people like me, who get the satisfaction of "Wah kya bath hei- Finally done it!". 
Pardon me Readers, my thoughts are random, around all places, you may have to tolerate my Totally from nowhere thoughts jumping in while narrating something. So yeah, Let me spare the genius psycho-analyst for sometime, all I wanted to say was I was running late for my tattoo and obviously I was going to be late for my work and I don't want to repeat its consequence for the third time. At around 8:15 in the morning I started getting Inked, like every other person I kept asking will it be painful? is it bearable? how long will it take? can't it be done sooner? Ahh! I get that thought! I have troubled the poor guy badly early in the morning. 
The phonix was so looking awesome when he drew the outline with the stencil and showed me. It increased my excitement as well as the will to tolerate any pain to get it Done. Wait did I mention what Inspired me to bare the pain and get inked in the first place? I have been carrying the thought since my days in Zambia, infuse even before that in college as a Wild Fantasy, but the thought got Rooted strongly after my arrival. The want to reinforce the thought that I should not give-up, I should fight back, made me look out for tattoo studios since that day I got back to India. But, I have been Lazy and dependent on my friends. So how did I decide to be on my own out of the Blue? Did any Spirit enter into my head? Yes! Those words from the thoughts of a recent Crush "I love girls who have a tattoo!" that was the Pushing factor. 
That is the Celebration of Being Human, A bunch of beautifully crafted hormonal effects adding on to the complexity of Emotions and Thoughts. A permanent tattoo for a Crush? not even sure if he is the one? how Insane? I can read those thoughts from this end of my Computer Screen. Let me correct, he was just a pushing factor, I got inked for my own love for tattoos. It is similar to holding on to a Trek Pole when you realize your Ravishing Dream of Hiking the Himalayas. A thought to hold on to the Grit. 
Every time the needle pierced the seven layers of my adored skin, his words ran like the Roar of millions for a Runner in Olympics, motivating to Push further. The first coat was comparatively less painful than the second one. I was reminded of the literal meaning of 'Adding Fuel on to Fire' every time the needle was scrapping my skin to reinforce the Ink. His words were still Running in my Head. The time was 10:30 I promised to be at work by 10:00. Now that my Grace time was also over, I started getting Calls. Ooh! thats pulsating! Care not, It seemed a cake walk to get scolded after going through the pain of getting inked. I wouldn't call it a Pain in fact. Every time the needle pierced it triggered various points in my body and I had been shivering like a Vibrator for almost two hours and a half. The Vibration of the whole body was nothing less to the pain as it was pushing me to the edge of tolerance each time. But I never wanted to rest. By 10:45 my Tattoo was done. I finally got a pet to share my feelings whenever I feel like falling off the Verge. A partner to say "Yes! You can Face it!". A motivation Chip installed into my System forever. And most of all, He is going to Like it, Ah! the ever mischievous ME! 
So I rush back to Work. Boss was ready to Question Why I was Late. Yet I escaped his Wrath with my usual escape Smile. After work began the Phoenix Phase. How can anyone go without a User Acceptance Test after an installation. My phoenix was on Auto-boot-up I guess. She started testing me, to check I she was serving the Purpose. Yes, I was running late for my weekday Trek. It did not worry me as I had plans to Meet HIM. Then was an romantically awesome ride to my Weekday Trek, the Darkness, The chillness and a bird on my back. I was so excited to show my baby bird to all my friends. I couldn't wear my small back pack for I had to wait for my fiery Pet to raise from my Blood. I had my bag in front of me, while Riding the Two-wheeler and that was when she started gaining Life I guess. My Bag fell? Where? I never knew as I never felt that it was Falling off. For the first time Darkness was a bane to me as I couldn't Trace my lost Bag. I lost my Wallet, Shoes and a lotta Cash that I have to wait till month End to Raise back Financially. I may have to cancel a few trips to compensate the Loss. After an hour of serious searching, Finally I made up my mind to Give up on the Lost bag and focus on whats Next. The Night camp, Food, New Faces and New Stories meant so much worthy than my Lost Wallet. I gave the Lost thought a Shut Down and reached my camp-site as fast I could. The Phoenix in me rose-up. I danced crazy as though nothing happened a few minutes ago. Played the whole night and digested the fact that I have been careless and the Wallet is Gone! Nobody knew, Nobody would even believe if I was carrying such a Stress the whole night, for I was Fighting it at my Best! Alas! My first Test was A Success finally when I came into consensus with the truth after a quick day-light search. I had to leave the camp-site without trekking as I was completely Sleepless and Trekking would take me from Low-battery mode in me to Shut-down and I had to go for Work! 
After the search, I headed straight to home, talking to myself and my new pet. I kept asking her, Ah Lady! You are testing me ey? and thats when I started snapping into moments of sleep due to tiredness. My phone was about to die so I couldn't take the help of Music to keep me awake until I hit Home. A moment I realized that staying in the middle of the road in that Fatigue state was all the more dangerous I maintained Left Corners. I snapped a few seconds transcending between Reality and Dream. When My eyes opened It was too late. I hit the Side platform elevation. How could some one possibly get sleep in the hustle and Bustle morning Traffic? Well I have Dozed and thats how it happens to Original Makes like me! The vehicle did not crash, I did not hit anyone, neither did I create a big accident scene, But I crashed down and was bleeding through my leg. Ah great! She dint sleep with me, My Pet! She used her UAT trial 2 when it was time for me be awake! Clever Bird she is. A small flesh was torn and I bled like a hot Spring. Tying a handkerchief on my cut I rose again fought the pain and rushed home. I took an off that day. As I close my eyes in Pain she creeches to say that she cant stop things from happening in Life, But can always stay up to remind that I must Fight back.  Its been a week now after she came into my life and every challenge seems a Plunge worthy to take for I need to feed my new and Forever Pet!

Arise Awake 
Stay Up 
Stop Not 
Even If you Fall, 
Shy Not 
Even if you Loose All, 
To start A fresh and 
Fight the Push!
For without a Test
Life becomes a Rusty Rest!
Ah did I not Mention that the Story Ended? No I won't For It just had a grand beginning!

Looking Forward for more Adventures, 
With Love, 

Thursday, March 10, 2016

என் டைரி பெட்டகத்திலிருந்து... சென்னை வளர்ந்து விட்டாள் !

சிறு பிள்ளையாய் சொல்ல நினைத்த பல உணர்வுகளை மைத் தீட்டி எழுதி வைத்த என் டைரி பெட்டகத்திலிருந்து சில குழந்தைத்தனம் நிறைந்த வளராக் குறிப்புகள்....
அவ்வளவு சிறப்பா இருக்காது அனால் சிரிப்பு வரும்! 
ன்னடா இவள் இவ்வளவு மொக்க போடறாளே என தோன்ற வைக்கும் அளவுக்கு இங்க இருக்கற பல பதிவெடுகளுக்கெல்லாம் இந்த பதிவேடு அக்காள்! 

ஜாக்கிரதை! பக்கத்தில் சிறிதளவு நீர் வைத்துக்கொண்டு படியுங்கள் கோபம் வந்தால் தணிக்க உதவும்! 

1. சென்னை வளர்ந்து விட்டாள் !

மழை நாளன்று என்னடா நச நச'ன்னு  மழை கொட்டுது என பலர் பீல் பண்ண ஒரு நாள்! என் மனதில் உதித்த எண்ணங்களை மை வண்ணம் தீட்டிவிட்டேன்...

நிலங்கள் வறண்டன .. காரணம்
கதிரவனின் சூழ்ச்சியா? இல்லை 
அறிவியலின் அபார எழுச்சியா?

மழை நீர் பொழிந்தது.. காரணம்!
துயர் படும் ஏழையின் கண்ணில் 
நீர் துளியின் பெருக்கமா?
இல்லை கண்ணில் தோன்றா 
இறைவனின் கருணையா?

மேகங்கள் கூடின- இதைப் போல் 
மக்களும் கூடுவர் என்று 
ஆனால் அவனோ காத்திருந்து பெற்ற 
மழையையே பழிக்கிறான்!  (2008)

மாறுவது காலம் 
அக்காலமானது கற்பிக்கும் 
என்ற பொன்மொழிகள் எல்லாம் 
பொய்க்காத வண்ணம் 
இன்று மழையில் கூடிய கைகள்!
நான் பார்த்து வளர்ந்த சென்னை சான்சே இல்ல இல்ல!
என்பதற்கு இது ஓர் அழகிய உதாரணம் :) (2015)

16 வயதிற்கு,  
அடிக்கடி ட்ராவல் செய்யும்
அன்பு தோழி 

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

"அது ஒரு வேற லெவல் யுபோரியா"

ஏனோ இந்த உணர்வை
உன்னிடம் பகிர தோன்றவில்லை
என் கணினி தோழியே!
கோபம் வேண்டாம்...
சில கணங்களின் கனம்
மொழியை விட மனம் சுமந்தால்
பசுமை மாறா நிலையெட்டும் :)

அவன் படிக்க வேண்டும் என்ற ஆசையோடும்
கண்டுகொள்வானோ என்ற வெட்கத்தோடும்
உணர்ச்சிக்குழம்பினில் மிதக்கும்
வெண்டை பிஞ்சாய்
ருசியேற்றப்பட்ட ரசிகையாய்!

"அது ஒரு வேற லெவல் யுபோரியா"
என அடிக்கடி கூறி சிமிட்டும் அடர்ந்த
இமை முடி ஒன்றை மயிலிறகு போல்
புத்தகத்தில் பூட்டிவைக்க ஆசைப் படுகிறேன்
குட்டிகள் இட்டால் ஒட்டிக் கொள்ளலாம் என்று!

முதல் சந்திப்பில்
முக்கால் வரலாறு கூறியவன்
புதிராய் பேசுகிறான்,
உணர்ச்சி அலைகள் வீசுகிறான்!
ரகசியங்கள் அறிந்தவள்? எனக் கேட்டு
வார்த்தைகள் தோன்றா
மௌனங்கள் தருகிறான்!

கண் முன் தோன்றுவதே மெய் எனும்
உய்யளவும் கள்ளமில்லா பேச்சுகள்!
இவளோடு பயணிக்க வேண்டும் எனும் ஆசையும்
அவளையும் அவ்வழியே தூண்டும் திண்மையும்!
இடங்கள் பல கூறி என்னோடு வருவாயோ
எனக் கேட்காமல் கேட்ட கண்ணியம்!
ரகசியங்கள் அறிந்தவள்
ரசனைகள் ரசிப்பவள்
காலத்தால் கட்டப் பெற்றவள்!
என அறிந்தும் ஆட்கொள்கிறான்!

கண்ணாடி இடம் சென்று நின்றேன்
பிம்பத் தோழி மொழிகிறாள்-
"ஆராய்ச்சிகள் ஏதுமின்றி
யோசனைகளின் மோதலின்றி
ரகசியங்கள் தேடா
ரசனைகள் கொண்டவன்!
கதைக்கும் கணங்களின் அழகு போதும்
ஆழம் பார்க்க தேவையில்லை" என்று...

தலையாட்டி விரிக்கும்
அவன் அடர்ந்த இமைக் கண்டு
கணங்கள் பல துலைத்து நின்று
சிலிர்ப்பினில் திளைக்கும்  :)
உன் அன்பு தோழி

Thursday, March 3, 2016

பறிக்கப்பட்ட-பறிகொடுத்த பசுமை "Snatched-Lost Innocence"

மரத்து போன உணர்ச்சிகள் தேடி
மறந்து போன காலங்கள் தீண்டுகிறேன்
பறந்து சென்ற நொடிகள் கண்டு
சரிந்து போன நிலை எட்டுகிறேன்
சிலிர்த்த சில நொடிகள் பறித்த உண்மையை
துரத்தும் மனமின்றி துறக்க முயலுகிறேன்
மஞ்சள் முகம் காரென ஆனதேனோ?
கொஞ்சல் மொழி கானலாய் போனதேனோ?

காரணங்கள் தேடவில்லை

சூசனங்கள் விளங்கவில்லை
மாறன் அவன் முன்னே மாயைகள் புரியவில்லை
கணிதங்கள் அறியவில்லை
காசெனும் காகிதம் கையில் நிற்கவில்லை
பனிக்குழம்பினைக் கண்ட கண்மணி போல்
காதல் கண்டு மயங்கிவிட்டேன்
காவுக்கு நிற்கும் ஆடென எண்ணினான்
ஆடவம் தீர ஆடையை களையலானான் ..
காளை என கனவு கண்ட மனம்
களை என தூக்கி எரிந்தது..
மூளை இன்று மனதினை வென்றது
சீழ் பெற்றார் போல் வடுவென ஆனது!

பல்லாங்குழி ஆடும் பருவம்
பாலை என ஆனதேனோ?
கண்முன் மகள் அவள்
எதிர்பார்க்கும் அரவணைப்பை
அன்னையவள் காணவில்லை
தந்தையவன் கேளவில்லை
அண்ணனவன் உணரவில்லை
திருடன் ஒருவன் கண்டான்
பறித்துச் சென்றான்
அவர்களின் மகளை அல்ல
அவளின் பசுமையை
பிள்ளை போல் சிரிக்கும்
பொன்னான புன்னகையை!

பிள்ளைப் பருவத்திலேயே வெகுளித்தனம் 
பறிக்கப்பட்ட பதுமைகளுக்கு 

அன்பு தோழி 
சாரா (Sarah)
A Numbness lurks within
Touching the Buried moments
Witnessing the Flown Days
An Ecstasy sets with-in
A lost Truth in the Mist of Frenzies
Uninterested to Chase I Chose to Give-up
Blush face turned Hustly Grey!
Chirrupy Talks turned to Silent Walks!

Reasons- Never a Search

Cautions- Nor a Thought
For eyes deceived in Magical Illusions
Calculations were at Bay!
Money seemed just a Paper.
Like a Baby at the sight of an Ice-cream
I ran to him at the sight of Love.
Scape goat was I for his Eyes!
A pitcher to Quench his Thirst!
The heart that spake of Cupids
Now speak of Lucifer!
Mind Winning over the Heart
Spinning in the Pain of Scars.

A walk along a barren desert was it

When Sweet Sixteens turned Morbid
For when Eyes of Care
Fail to Give a fair share
Hands of Protection
Vanish into thin air!
Friend of a Childhood time
Lose the Page of my Life,
Flew it into the Hands of a Thief
Snatched did he,
Not the little girl
But her Flawless innocence
And her Magical Smile!
For those Angels ,
Fallen prey to the fury of Infatuation,