Thursday, January 1, 2015

Communication- The Two Edged Knife..

Having faced a rough end in 2014 and a beautiful beginning of 2015.. after a war with Lies and Reality..
I seriously don't understand, why is it there even something called a Language when people cant convey even the simplest truths Properly and Confidently... Why should we learn to speak, to act, and to express, when we don't communicate what exactly we feel? why is there something called a lie? When we are aware of the fact that a lie can never stand the reign of reality...Why do we complicate everything with faking and end up regretting? Cant we face the world with reality? Cant we even face our own parents and partners with TRUTH? I've experienced the awesomeness of speaking the reality speaking the heart in me that lying becomes just a fancy game when it is not intended to be in a serious situation... to tell that this is what i do and this is what i feel and this is how I am.. We take help from millions of lies.. at one point even the bitter truth becomes Sweet but the lie it had taken as rent, cuts through the nerves..
Why is it that we assume most things as taboo and offensive and ultimately offense against our loved ones with cold blooded lies? Is this for what we learn to speak from the age of one year? Gaining proficiency or command in language is not the greatest achievement that we do be it a professional tongue or the native one.. Grow up,, use it to express your heart.. Use it in the right manner to openly speak out the Truth.. You may question me.. how can I hurt someone by saying I don like him/her.. I would say communicate it rather than fool the person with a fake smile.. coz faking has this beautiful quality of erupting out anytime..and that reality is what we say as the BITTER TRUTH.. don be aggressive be assertive.. express anything in the right manner and don't Fake the Content..
When thinking on these lines.. I feel that this is mainly because we run away from most of the naked truths that would be an outcome of the Ego function in our personality... our wanting to be accepted by the society and our super-ego disturbs our equilibrium and ultimately disturbs our Life.. however if we accept the fact that expression of true feelings would never lead to loss of people PERMANENTLY and people may come and people may go.. We can find all those admiring characteristics of those we love in every other person.. and learn to accept and Move on.. We end up being CONTENT and HAPPY..
Communicate the truth unto oneself, Accept it, Rehearse it and Express it in the Right positive manner..
Criticize, Confront, Scream, Speak out, Appreciate, Admire, Adore.. Do anything..make sure you listen to the other person so that you can Modify your Perceptions...Never Manipulate.. and nobody is going to hate you when u speak what u feel even if it is offensive and wrong (Morality is a different phenomenon :P).. and if u dont want someone to Hate you you will not even in thoughts be offensive to them..(unconditional love).. However we are humans.. we commit mistakes.. we may hurt others with our words and actions.. accept your mistake with a brave heart and Don't Repeat..
Bravery is not fighting 30 odd people with your well built body.. It is facing your true shades and accepting it before the world around you...
Truth is the best gift you can give your loved ones and it is the best gift that you can give to yourself..
Make the Knife to carve a beautiful life...Don't Kill yourself with it..
PS: I would salute even the people who would confront my mistakes truly rather than Mistake me to be happy with a false tongue and a fake smile..

-Sarah (Sharadhadevi S)