Saturday, October 22, 2016

Ah I Wish I could Fly...

A bright day and the fire-ball was high
And was making slow lazy steps on the sky
Hot winds trying to blow him away
She lay there struggling hard to stay...

Her spreaded flowery soft cloak
Weighs low that she would choke
Thirst smirks to settle low and walk
For the man below could happily talk..

He had hands that grabs and legs that rest,
He sleeps the night in a shelter thats best!
He uses the metal to buy out things
Her flight filled life,  just a fling..

She is on the move as the Winter falls,
Her skin shall hurt and heart shall fail..
The pond she was fond yesterday
Shall parch to the furing fire today!

To live a life she moves away
High on her plumage's way
Man is a grass that looks greener
As her flight grew higher..

As walking can never be a Life
She chooses to go off the sight...
From down I look at her and Cry
Ah I wish I could Fly!

Life is so Sarcastic from the other Side,

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