Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Broken?? NAH.. :)

Sometimes tears fail to cure the fierce..
Words fail to answer numerous...
Pounding questions banging the walls of heart..
Music fails to soothe the ears..
That lost hope and happiness..
The air around is heaving..
A sense of every nerve bursting in agony..
Voices of ridicule and mockery all around..
Guilt ridden soul gasps..
Dying soul in the living body..
A stone or a clay mass..
Yet a lifeless moss of junk..
Is it the failure?
Or the broken expectations?
Or dying dreams? Of thy own?
Or those around?
In the war between ambitions and affection..
Can love inject pain?
Can love cut your feathers before you fly?
When I can't make someone
Suffer my bodily aches..
When i can't make u eat n sleep
To keep me alive..
FAILED to answer the noisy dumb heart..

In search of words..
The voice of sleepless heart and drowsy eyes..