Tuesday, June 21, 2016

One doesnt get It All the Time...

She stood there lonely in despair
Wishng that the world could be fair..
As thoughts run back in time
She shun and cried- Was I an unvalued Dime?

For she thought, peace of Dove
Is the way of Love..
For she thought, Freedom and Fun
The only rule to be happy with her One...

Days passed and passed
As he Crossed and Crossed
Tearing the walls of the heart
That Trusted and Rusted in his thoughts!

Crushing the flowers she laid
Making her follow to walk the thorns
Pulverising the trust she paid
Leaving her to Wonder if love was always a pain!

When Heart said forgiving is Strength
She caressed her wounds..
Walking along the beach.. Where Oceans
Of her Eyes and the Earth Confluenced!

She built a dream- where
Now she often visits to Scream..
Asking Questions in air waiting for Answers
She yearns ... yearns.... and Yearns....

Was the freedom any less to make him lie?
Was he love deprived for him to covet?
Was the foolishness too high
To make me a Puppet?

Truth Slamming at her Face...
For the past cant be Undone
To not be a fool again is onething to Learn
Trivial are these Quests..

The Grit that crushed the thorns
The Power that bared his Scorns
Still lays latent and unleashed
It can kill the bitter and move her further...

To not be a Fool again Is One thing to Learn
And Never let the 'Shakthi' in her Burn!
Wishing for a fair world is Getting Toffees
For a Crying Child.. One doesnt get it all the Time!
Life - The only fair Teacher
That doesnt sugar-coat her lessons
Being  a student Always , 

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