Friday, February 12, 2016

If I Fall….

On a warm morning.. During a long road trip..
Happened a conversation..
Between the mind and the heart!
Mind was telling the heart
She is in Cross-roads,
Between a love to wait-for and 
A love to risk plunging into..
Between loyalty & Patience and Impulse
Between A journey in future and
A flight ready to take off!
She knew not which one to choose

The heart spake: Fall Now
With numerous thoughts on If I fall!
You can! it boosted the mind’s Confidence
Give it a try was the only scream..
She gave in… changed the trend of asking out.
Heart feared for an Yes..
Mind warned on the impending journey..
Both sank into the pool of love..

He laid a hand.. A dragging one
I lay chased Out of the pool..
For he has greater power..
He is the master of his choice..
He chose to lock the heart
Give it to an unknown someone 
Never to take..
For he- Fate is the Master
The master that Sentenced Solitude!
Helpless I stand to wait for 
The day when the gift shall be accepted..

If I Fall I shall say
If I Fall I shall Show 
If I Fall I shall Face
The heart and mind sang a chorus 
As my eyes close in deep thoughts
Complex is the comprehension of life
And the apprehension of Love!

In Deep Thoughts, 

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