Monday, February 15, 2016

My Valentine- En Route

An amazing Day of Love!

Unique and Happy..
With a similar Free-spirit..
Like two winds of different times
On a single paced journey..
We flew through green patches..

As the darkness slowly lightened up.
We engrossed in the tangy horizons,
Elated by the arches by the woods..
With the sound of muses
Soothing the scorned Master,

Eyes sank into the world of dreams..
We rode across curves
Like that of a lady's trunk!
Slippery yet attractive!

Mist Mesmerized start I must say.
A romantic drive on a misty morning.
To a never been land,
In search of Solace..

I stood before him at the verge
Where Many roads met.
He said Falling is a Choice
Though, Not the only one.

Roads are not the impediment
For when the goal is set and Determined
To hold on No matter What..
All roads make a way
or One can make a new Route!

To live the heart and not look around
To not Stop until the Awe is set
To think of standing-up before the fall
To be the writer of thy own life
He sculptured every sore in the soul..
Like the master of Magical Words

We watched the Glory of Kings
Chill Ice-stick-A Childish Fling
He bought me Gifts &
Took me for a Lunch
Making the time one of its Kind!
A Man of unconditional love
With the love for Humanity
and the Countenance of a Gentle-man!
My Valentine En route!

A love that cares!
A love that shares!
A love that trusts!
A love that isn't Physical!
A love that isn't tying up..
A love of a teacher!
The man of his Nature..

He lifted me up from falling off
He showed a path but didn't Walk Along
He triggered my Soul instead my heart
He gave me Purpose and 
Not try in becoming One..
He called me Lucky
I said to myself Yes I am!
For you lifted me
Up from the Rugs and Thugs! 
From the pain of being simple yet Unique

The irony of Cupids away! 
Made  an unique love journey..
Two days of a spirituous life..
Ended as I walk back to my den
With heart full of Gratitude
And the Soul Spirited up!
A soothing Pain engulfs
As we realize 'Togetherness a Mirage!'
Light feels the heart!
For he Made my Day :)

Loved in a unique way,
Aquarian Moments

PS: My Valentine day when I was 23. Temple Visits, chill Ice stick,cool wintry Drive, A Lunch date :P, a Travel Valentine, a free-spirit like me, Shopping, Gifts and Long Chat. #SinglesmakingDoubles :) 

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