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Realizing the Realities of Life! #CTC

Realizing the Realities of Life! #CTC

Dear Readers, 
Help me to walk you through an Elated Ever-cherish-able Experience...It makes me want to Live every moment as If it is happening for the First time and the Only Best Time. 
Every First experience is considered the most special of all. First walk, First Talk, First Kiss, First Snow, First date, First Poetry... the list of first experiences in life is endless. 
The beauty of a first experience is that its new and its makes us feel excited and happy at the best. We become aware of each and every happening of that first experience so that we get to know it to the fullest. Some of such experiences are gained after a great toll of effort and time spent on waiting to have that one awesome moment in life. The First always stays close to the heart no matter what and affects us in a great way. 


Similar is a First trek. A very special one where numerous unknown faces became familiar in a night. A vivid experience that would stay close to the heart forever. Though the trek was intended to have a break from mundane work life and have some time to cherish and relate with the nature, to me it was not a break from work. It was an experience that gave me time to pull myself to be a better person and a better professional. A time that was spent on self-introspection. I started late after work. A long ride with a dear friend in the chill dark city outskirts took me to the most awaited first Night camp and Trek. I have always enjoyed the dearness of Darkness and the Wonders of Silence. I become like the Kungfu-Panda holding on to the Inner Peace Mudra. Infact, I did feel the Inner-Piece Standing on the Junction of 3 Roads in the Middle of the Night.

​                                Wonderful Morning Sunrise
Late night walk along the forlorn streets with a friend took me through various vivid moments of our lives. Silence, Loneliness, Darkness and Chillness- A palate of Afreshment. An exuberant combination of Espirited moments.  Late night Poetry Writing.. Wow I must say that is the most amazing feeling ever at a night in a place like Kumali. It felt like all the drunken emotions of the day were flowing through my hands into 'Conversations in Darkness and Silence'. As I wrote I listened to beautiful voices singing a soothing music. It felt like a heavenly doubled up. I completed my poetry and hit my Yoga mat like a kid that got tired of playing around- Tired and drowsy.

           Had Dinner is like Family get together ​(Plate ah Maranthutomea :P

I slept off like a small kid waiting to doze off. The ground felt like a bed of roses though it was cold and rough. I was awakened by the chill weather. Sleeplessness- the favourite moments to a Writer! It is a boon to be insomniac for a Writer.
I woke up back on shoes by 04:00 in the morning to find an forlorn zone for attending a call from below :P One of a few brave solo moments in darkness I have ever witnessed. Finishing which gave an immense satisfaction of accomplishment that I had took over my fear. As I walked back to my bed I smiled.
With that little happy moment I walked to a few new friends whom I met the day before and Woke them up from their Sleepless sleep. Getting to have a bunch of friends to wake up with and have a full dose of smiles and laughter, is the best way to start a great day. In fact, that is when the momentum of the week-day trek caught me. Its been almost 10 days since the Trek and I work like a fully loaded AK47, Full of energy and Will backed up from enchanted moments of one night and an early morning. 

​                        DUM Briyani waiting for seize it :-)

As we woke up, we started the fire for making Tea and Coffee. The Fire preparation were the moments of spirited thoughts I must say. I was in a similar state like that of the left over charcoal from the night's Camp-fire. The heat was still there but the burning glow was put off. Like we added small twigs and blew air into it, I wanted a few small dosage of positivity and confidence to lit the fire inside me. During that Week not just the Fire for Tea lit up but also was the Fire to Achieve in me. Every minute spent with nature speaks some learning or other that shows the way of Life to us.
When everyone had their refreshing MAGGI MASALA coffee and light Tea, We started off for our Trek. It was my very first Trek experience. Full of energy, enthusiasm and excitement. As we reached the bottom of the hill I picked up a small Neem twig to Brush like my ancestors did, It taught me to bare bitterness and assimilate it. We moved up in the hill. The trail was full of stones and thorns, similar is Life, A trail of Thorns and Stones, walking past which one reaches a peak where there is Bliss. To reach the peak and to stay there after finding a meadow to rest and look around- is the perfect life everyone of us Aim at. However, reaching that state is not possible when we stay in our cosy couch or a flowery bed. Be it our Career, family, spirituality or anything, Everything has a various stages to go through with various difficulty levels customized to each one of Us. We are given the choice to take hold of our actions and the power to handle its consequences. Facing life is not only in the path we take but also in how we see it. Perhaps the trail in my First trek was stony and thorny. To my eyes it was excitement and happiness. I chose to walk through it and I was ready to face the tireless and injuries that may occur. This is the Rule of Life. "To own thy actions and the Effects thereafter".
As I walk along with my thoughts about life and its essence taught by the Nature around, I had a bunch of everlasting memorable moments of meaningless and meaningful conversations with a variety of people. Stunning a few and Stunned by a few- It was absolute awesomeness! 

​              Pambu Padam Yeadukuma!!

I sweat, I fell, I slipped, I ran, but I never stopped till I was there at the peak. Remember not to stop when little obstacles block your way, the voice of my heart echoes. As we reached the top, the awesomeness doubled up. Adding fun to the moment I became a DJ for a while playing songs to my new friends. Discussing food, Movies and Music with an unknown guy who had a reflection of a deep personality in his Face, the return was a cake-walk. It was a great feeling to find someone with a similar taste as Mine. He said he is a wedding planner, Never tried to Know more. The trek ended as we Parted ways, He to his world of Work and me to my Swim.

             Oru Malai Malamela Yaeri Paduthuduchi :-P​

After the Trek a bunch of friends went to the nearest Open-Water, I tried to swim, to overcome the fear that stops me. After the refreshing Swim I got back to Work, as the person with more confidence and positivity.
Gratitude is the feeling I share to the people who people like me have the chance to experience of the realities of Life by relating to Mother Nature. Thanks to Chennai Trekkers Club #CTC and to all those special friends who made the moments the most memorable. Awaiting to go further in this journey that helps in Finding a better me.. this is not the End but a Cool Beginning! 

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