Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Conversations with Silence and Darkness....

Strolling Leisurely with a Friend by my Side..
Walking on an Unconquered trail on a misty stride
I knew my start.... Route to which faded as I walk
I knew no end...Nor path to the perfect end...
As I walk a streak of fear peeps into my nerves
Darkness an unknown peril or a pleasure
The cold-a comfort or a sign of impending predicament
As I walk with patience familiarity bred
The fear receded into the cold air.

To an unknown destiny... Toes on a tick tock....
Senses became receptive... Music began...
The music of creation the music of survival!
Creaking insects, frogs... Don't they ever doze?
Black paintings all around walled in the air.
Tall guardsmen, performing artist, dancing joyful artists…
Breezing all around.
They were giant paintings brushed by the master…
I stand like a spec amidst them.

Are they wondering who I am?
Are they trying to pass a message?
Are they on a household routine...?
Am I a visitor a passerby or an intruder?
As I walk past silly meaningless inquisitiveness.
I stand there in absolute darkness at crossroads.
Going back to where I began is a past
Moving on in my way could be a used trail.
Taking a new path could be an adventure.

Where should I go? Where will I go?
What is in store? The purpose Unknown.
I stand there questing the inner self?
Is companionship a compulsion?
Is achievement imperative?
Engulfing the Unanswered questions.
Locking into a vault inside
Running across a flash of memories.

I walk back to the start point.
To give one more chance
To not look back and to move my way
To create a path and not search one
To create a destiny instead finding one
To be in today... Learnt from yesterday...
Visualized a tomorrow... Living the moment.
To be the writer of the book of my life.
I sat back to write this journey of the self. 

Purpose- not formed but gets framed.

Starting a journey into a dreamy land, 
I lay back and stare at the Black Blanket, 
Walking into another conversion with the Twinkles!
We shared eye Talks.. Asking my Questions,
Like a star dust wanting them to drop the Answers, 
Mesmerized I lay in the beauty of Nature, 
And the Tiredness of the Body, 
My Vision Sank into a Silent Sleep...

Searching a Purpose,

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