Sunday, January 31, 2016

A War Room...

It feels weighed down,
Eyes closing tired of the run..
An unexplainable pain
rests permanently in the heart..
The pain of War,
Good and bad Fencing each other!

Guilt and lust cheering its team!
The sound of roar brings a fear
To not lose and to not look back..
For the roars wither in time
not the guilt neither neither the lust.

A door to hide the colors of fantasy
A dark room of all the thoughts!
Ready to glow with a little Ignite.

A silent battle of fair and unfair,
For love is unconditional
unchanging with time,
Starves the body to play a game..

If waiting is happiness...
Why the battle? 
If love is a pleasure..
Why the shackle?
Chastity- Physical, Emotional or both?
Honesty- A Path or a Myth?
The battle of binaries
The war between mind and heart..

If deliberation is a Gift..
Why give a fickle with it?
If going by heart is bliss..
Why add a guilt to it?
If its about righteousness..
Why give Good & Bad? 

The war room will be at peace 
When binaries cease to exist
For it is a dream 
The dream like Utopia.. 
Where Will is the only key
To cross Lines 
To hold on and 
To never let the War
Win over the life inside...

Thoughtful about the Enigma of Living, 


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