Sunday, January 24, 2016

A Ride Down the Memory Lane...

Everyone of us would have crossed this phase called Teenage Love. Some call it Infatuation, Attraction, Puppy Love etc. Yet one can Never deny that it was the most beautiful phase in our life. Reliving such a wonderful experience on a morning ride is a pleasant feeling. It feels like grown up all of a sudden, being matured to accept that It was not meant to be forever. Face the awkwardness attached to meeting the man of one's first sensual dreams. 
Its been 7 long years, we last met. Lives have changed and we have grown up. He took the courage to stay in touch which I couldn't. I truly appreciate. It feels like the Guilt and awkwardness withered off by time.  He reminded me of those long buried memories as the most beautiful days of life. The conversation was as if I was reliving the whole journey of Puppy Love. 
He told that the "fast texting Raji" has not changed. I asked if he still plans to name his daughter "Nisha". 'Neha' he corrected. Lots to catch up and lots to share. Yet there was still a flirtatious feeling clouding around the whole time. Its not love, it the feeling that he was once the one and only. How crazy were those moments! I wonder today. Writing our names in class-room desks, notebooks and papers.. Throwing an eye every time I crossed his class. Entering his class with no reason but a glace of him with his guy friends. Full time admiring the Chubby Cute Boy. Those days were filled with innocence and craziness. 
Triggered by these thoughts, I rode my cycle the next morning to walk down the memory lane. I met an old friend. She was happy to see me. She was getting Married! Years have rolled on I must say. I tried tracing my way to his home. I crossed my high school, that resembled a Prison. Prison was it for those who failed to run the race of scoring marks.
Awe! I did tell him the night before that the credit of the First Kiss would always be his. Sigh! Thoughts of First Kiss and the days before engulfing me like the morning mist, my cycle took me wherever I rode. Crazy and curious was I to run to him all the time. A beautiful day before Sanskrit exams. I had the most beautiful moment in my life. The first of First Kiss. We were full of innocence and fantasy back then, I told to myself. Feeling like the queen of the world. The most beautiful woman! Days and nights spent in front of the mirror thinking and dreaming of how he would feel looking at me. Broke rules at home, Meaningless Lies and Tantrums all the time. Adolescence- Drunk in the intoxication of Teenage Attraction.  
The puppy love withered with fears of future.. We walked our ways apart. The sweetness still lays intact. I can turn to that page in my life anytime and feel the 16 year girl in me again and again.
All of us walk through this phase.. Thinking to myself I tried finding his home where I secretly climbed the stairs and walked into his room at the right side walking past the hall, crossing the sofa that I sat on his birthday, live were those memories as I walked through in my mind, finally realizing that I lost my route. 
Time has erased the lines that connect but not the DOTs.. A cherishing morning ride, lively and fun. 

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