Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The Sermon by The Sea...

It was a cool breezy evening. 
I was by the shore, resting my legs,
My heart wanted to join hands 
My hands wanted to be a rubber reaching out anywhere
But I gave into the tiredness and fatigue 
I couldn't say an Yes to the calling from a distance. 
I lay back silent and peaceful.

The sound of the sea played Muses in my Ears. 
She seems to Run to me trying to say something. 
Perhaps a deep philosophy or a simple thought? 
Whats cooking in the head of this ever roaring beauty? 
She was the opposite of Me.
Noisy out and Calm inside..
Was she laughing at the roaring of my inner self?

Perhaps she was trying to Soothe me..
Talking magical words into my ears..
Showing me the answers, 
For those Raging thoughts on Insanity,
Irresponsibility for Carelessness,
Brawling Anger on the Complacency,
Of Glass pieces all around.

"Pleasure at the cost of Innocence?
Party at the cost of Future Lives?"
Consumes the Curiosity & drowns the excitement
Breaks the Ignorance, killing the Innocence, 
I was lost Wanting for a Change. 

She sent him to me..He came,
Held my hands & I was full of smiles.. 
He showed me how I could be like her.
For calmness is a Choice to take
And not a treasure to Dig Deep,
For Peace is an Omnipresent Option, 
And not something to Search for..

His soft touch Felt like a Fur toy playing with me.
His funny talks were Innocently Pure,
I wanted to tell him a few words,
A few important words,
But something stopped me not to utter
And just See him like he was..
He saw and He learnt what I wanted to say,
For the Vision of Action
Passed the Message to his Heart,
We played for a while, Until
He called his friends to Lend a Hand,

Was it Shock or Excitement that woke my tired body, 
To join the Party and Walk the Talk, 
Every painful thought of Falling Apart, 
Was wiped by those Joyful hands, 
For I learnt, When Child, 
One is clay or Wet Cement,
Moulded by Circumstances, 
That which Falls hard, marks an Impression,
Let goodness Fall for Good and 
Let the bad odor mix into Invisibility, 
I fell into the hands of Hope...

He walked away to go back to where he came from,
He said he was going to the Sea.
Did She send me a Translator? Fantasy Thought, 
The Sermon of the Sea thus Comprehended..


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