Sunday, January 3, 2016


The Power to Make Choices

Having been a part of a fantasized world of romantic notions spending all my college days concentrating on people I thought I knew the best. Back then, world seemed not moving if a day was spent if I don't Chat a hundreds of texts with my loved ones. I had never lived on my own, I must say. Having ventured in to the world of competitive living where you survive only if you prove to be Different Innovative and Worthy, I started spending time on Myself, looking at the inner side of Me, for everyone who meant so much also got Busy in making a lie of their own. That is when I started Reading, Writing and now Experiencing random Meaningful Moments that not only makes life seem purposeful but also more Lively than Ever. 
Thanks to Chennai Trekking Club for providing me with one such meaningful opportunity. On 2 January’2016 we all met at Oorukuppam in Besent Nagar Beach. It was my second Beach Clean-up experience. This time I din’t wait for company. I was determined to Go, not only because I wanted to be a part of a social Event but also to feed the Writer in me who was in thirst for vivid experiences. And I did find many that inspired me to Write On.. 
Last evening as I was clearing the litter talking to a friend whom I just met, I was taken aback by the ‘Complacency’ of the men who were playing cards and spending the afternoon in meaningless Joblessness. It was shocking to see them not being motivated even the slightest at the work that we were doing. It was pathetic to see them completely ignorant and indifferent to what was happening. If you ask me if that was demotivating, I would say NO. I was Doubly Motivated when my shock was over-come by the realization that people make their Choices. And If my work can make at least one person of that group come up from his couched seats in the sand and contribute in collecting at least a handful of litter, that was the best of it. If  he wouldn’t, Never mind Change is Perennial and the complacency today will change to responsibility of Tomorrow- My heart was prepared to meet disappointment. 
But, to the surprise of me and my lively Mate we soon had company, of not just one but two. An old man and a middle aged male joined hands with us in collecting the litter. I am sure they would have felt that their day was well spent in doing something worthy for their community. As we cleared the litter in the area were we began, we thanked our new Volunteers who CHOSE to walk out of their Group to help us out. 
Life gives us a number of occasions packed with various choices of dealing with those. Its in what we prefer to Choose that adds meaning to our life. The choices of today are the seeds of the memories that we would hold onto in life that we will look back tomorrow. Choosing to stand apart, to be Unique, to be a part of a meaningful association, to Walk the Talk all these requires just one bold step, the step to Make that Choice, Embrace it as your own and Walk by it. Some choices may make us Regret and some Proud, It is experience in life that gives us the Maturity to open our eyes and look into things that add Value to our life. 
The ones who gather strength and grit to cross that bridge Go to the other side of meaningful living, the ones who don’t stay Regretting. Jan 2nd 2016 was a day well spent in the pages of the Book of my life mainly due to the Choice I made about my day. 
Dear Readers, 
Be the author of the pages you add in the book of your life by making Choices that make it meaningful. For everything in Life is a reflection of the choice we make, if you want to have a different result make a different choice. Always remember, you are gifted with free-will to make the Choices you want but you are bound to Face the consequences of your choice no matter what. 
“Destiny is not a matter of Chance; Its a matter of Choice. 
Its not a thing to be waited For; It is a Thing to be Achieved.” 
- William Jennings Bryan



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