Friday, January 29, 2016

A Mirror to My heart...

I met him through a window...
So happy and So Lively!
The most accommodating Soul I ever Met.
Never judges people..
Accepts them as they are..
Stays at bay to not be used..
Covers himself with Funny talks..
Non-Secretive open book he seems..
Has numerous Thoughts stored in a Vault,
He takes a plunge- No matter What!
Acknowledging the impulse in the thought.
Owns his action, brave and bold..
For many he may seem Cold..
Pushing life holding on to duties,
He sometimes goes into that Cocoon.
A world of himself and no one let in.
In search of someone to trust and love
All the time he is amidst faces.
Not bothered who thinks what...
He knows not to truly Hurt.
The happiest of all..
Shedding the Baggage of Past and
Questions of Future, Hard and Fast
Trying to Make the best Present,
Master of his Life,
Chiseled by Conscience...
His thoughts wander in search of Meanings,
Knowing the truth theres no single and the right one..
Resting is a pain, bringing Clouds of thoughts,
Feared, Insecure, is he to trust.
Confident bold is he that never rests..
Intoxicated to being Crazy..
A perfect contrast to his Inside,
Mirroring the Woman in me,
Subtracting my Feminine Shy..
A Man of a kind, stood next to hold hands
And never be Apart!
A Friend in light and dark...
To hate him is to hate thyself,
To love him is to love thy own..

Dedicated to a Special Friend..
A man of unconditional and pure Friendship,
A Rare Jewel to hold on to.. "Manish'aetta"


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