Sunday, December 20, 2015

05. BRAI- “A Mixture of Meaningful Moments”

Being a Teacher...

It was a bright Saturday morning. Unlike other Saturdays where I had an extension of an hour to report to office, this day I had to start Early by an Hour. To fulfill an additional Responsibility. To me it was like an added layer of Cheese in a Yummy Mc Chicken Burger. Yes, to guide a few students on their project at the Woodlands Campus is nothing less compared to the delicious Extra Cheese. I was going to meet New students, expected to be mature than the usual ones as they were Part-Timers, to be easy to work with and most of all the campus located in the Town. Having heard from most people, that the Woodlands Campus in Lusaka is comparatively a better place to be with some green patches and inside the Town area, and having been deprived of view of a colorful sight except for the red sand below and blue clear sky above at the place I stayed, starting an hour early to treat the desperate eyes with some greeneries felt worth it. Above all I wanted a break from the mundane melancholic Faces in my Boarding House and Yearned to breath some fresh air. 
Rushing into a cab early around 06:30 after witnessing the beauty of the Sun Rise from the horizon like a Blue Eye glowing with Orange Pupil, I took a deep breath and sat next to a colleague who was on the same mission for the day. 
For the first time I was out of the Indian Borders into the Zambian land. As my Cab moved out of the gates of my institution I felt a sigh of relief engulfing my heart. I enjoyed the relief by treating my eyes with sight seeing through the cab window, Ears with soothing Music, Skin freshened by the cool morning breeze, taste buds enjoying my favorite toffees, ahh all my senses were elated to heights of Pleasure. 
I was at the most spoken off place, The Woodlands Campus. As I walked into the institution the first feeling in my heart was Shock instead of Joy. A few classrooms not sufficient even to run a Primary School is an University Campus! That was the Shock. Yet my learned mind convinced me by saying only Part-time Courses are run here. Though a very small campus, it was well maintained. I strolled through the garden, it was well maintained by the workers, a few shrubs along the pathways, Mango trees here and there, Flowery plants planted to add a serene effect, and a few more flowery trees. As I walked I stopped near the statue of Mother Mary. So soft and peaceful like Meera bai. Compassionate were those eyes. The agnostic in me did not let me pray, the artist is me led me through a moment of silent admiration. 
The Peace that all of us search elsewhere 
Sometimes ask from her
The compassion that we  expect from others 
All the time from her
Sundays after Sundays we plead for Love
She stood there an Epitome 
To say It is With In!
Like it was in her eyes and words
It is in You.. She stood to say..
Like you Give me Hoping to Get Returns
Give thy Neighbors, 
For the Hope to be reciprocated.. 
Pure as White.. Pure is Love..
The admirer in me was on a hunt for more food. Food for my starving Eyes, Food for the emptied Soul. I was stopped by a bunch of Bamboo trees near the right side of the Campus Compound. It stood to say be that though he was odd in the entire bunch, though he was different, he stands apart, marks an impression of stability and strength. I said to my sinking heart, Never Give up even if you are standing apart in the crowd & prove your strength. 
Every sight I went across was teaching me lessons of Life. I was on a journey to teaching myself. 
Suddenly I heard a voice calling out Loud...Sharadha! The students are here. More than the feeling of sadness for the interruption in the time for my own, I was happy to the favorite course of the day. Teaching! Wow the word itself is like drinking a bucket full of Kheer. I had three students under me to guide them on their final project. 
The clarity the attention the patience the time I expected as a student when I did my Project from my guide, I was making sure my students got all of it. To explain till your throat hurts, take a quick sip of water, swallowing the discomfort and continuing on a lecture to see every nod of your student say yes you are doing it right occasional smiles to say its not boring and a Thank you at the end to express that the ends were met.. Thats the drunkenness of being a Teacher. Every eye and Every Sigh of a student, thats her Performance Appraisal. 
I learnt that merely explaining what you should do to a student is not teaching. To teach is to show both the Pit-falls and Steep-ups. To give direction to someone's thought. To be approachable and apprehensible. Though it was the first and last time I taught them, I gave all I can at my best. I wanna reach the state where I can say At Their Best.  Some day I will. 
Though the Poet in me was left Hungry for the rest of the day, Teacher in Me went Heart-Filled with an un-explainable un-matchable Joy that I would love to have every day of my life.
को गुरु ? 
Who is a Guru (Preceptor)?
(अधिगत  तत्व: । शिष्यहितया उद्यता:सततम् । )
One who has realized the truth and ever strives for the good of the disciple. 
-Prashnothra Ratna Malika 
The words of my Grandpa's teachings popping from a long-lost childhood memory..
I sat aback and rested on my way to Chibombo once again treating my senses to the mid-day breeze and Music..



  1. Brilliantly written... takes me back to my old campus yet through a fresh set of eyes. Wishing you all th best in your life

    1. Thank you Mukuka. Hope I was able to walk you through the Campus with my words. :)