Thursday, December 10, 2015

Voicing for my fellow Brothers and Sisters

Recently i was taken aback by this call for Banning Muslims in the US by the Presidential Electoral Candidate Donald Trump. It lead me to deep thoughts and a feeling of agony as if my kith and kin are denied of their rights. Playing with someone's fear is not a good strategy to win hearts. So here goes my opinion...

Banning Muslims is not the solution to fight Terrorism. FYI they are also the victims of such attacks And even those who attack are mentally manipulated to see life sacrifice as the spirit of a true muslim that they neither mind giving up on theirs nor on the innocent fellow muslims who live a normal life like everyone else out there, which is certainly INSANE. Banning the whole lot is gonna turn even the innocent ones against the rest of the others (Boom! I can Smell WAR) and moreover is not Fair. 

We have been taught to consider every other person as fellow brothers and sisters and chucking them out is like sending a my elder brother for the mistakes of my spoilt younger one. It doesnt mean we have to see Terrorists with peaceful eyes and spare them. If for the good of a family we have to kill one that shatters it its fair enough. However its not fair to deny the right to live in the place you want just because a person belongs to the religion of a wrong doer. An innocent normal Muslim never appreciates a terrorist as a fellow Muslim. So Wait! they are a Different Breed you don't get to put them in the same lot. This world is a gift that we all received from a Power above. This life is a boon that we got for winning the war of millions of sperms with a single ovum, The world is equally mine as its yours and its the same for my fellow Muslim brothers and Sisters. If you wanna solve a problem attack the one that causes it and fight the problem not the people who have just one negligible connection with the term "Muslim", the meaning of which is way too different for the two parties. 
Do not let your fear and use the fear in people, lead to cynicism. Is it a true American spirit to Stereotype people? to close doors on someone's face? I hope the history has no such instances to quote where the US has been so narrow and cynical. The country has always stood as an example to Acceptance, True spirit, Individualism and Unity. Asking for a BAN is just selling the soul of America to the expectations of those extremists. 
Dear America, 
Do not succumb to the fear they want you to feel. Do not give into their efforts of breaking your Unity and Individualism. Do not let your fellow Muslim Brothers and Sisters down, when it is the Time to show you can stay Strong together. 
All of us want this world to be a peaceful place. How different are you than the terrorist who wants to take over your nation and you who wants to deny the people of their land, even if its Temporary? He fights from outside, you do it with your power. Peace can never be achieved with tears and blood of innocent people. Hence, the idea of BAN sucks big time. 
And those who ask for this BAN grow up!

A Sister from India

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