Saturday, December 26, 2015

A World of Thy Own

To be in a place which you can't Own
For its bound to the rules of the Master
To not know if you are rightful 
For there is no Right Right
To check the tag 
On every shopping
To train to not want
When even pets have their own territory
She lay there not-owned but dependent.
Every day in Every way
Every month to Every depths..

Dreaming for a day, 
To wait for a world of thy own
To pay thy own bills
To own your ride 
And never miss out on anything Not-so-Trivial
To take ownership of the bed you sleep
To be the designer of the Room you live
To find one rightful person 
To breathe the air of Independence

For the wait has been long
For every-time of feeling Own
There lies an unchangeable truth of Gratitude
When Milk failed to Feed
He never in Need,
She chose to follow a mirage
Hoping for water,
Grew the thirst of Unholding the Hands
Known that than Tears,
Sweat is the only way 
To fill that pitcher with Hope
And to fly to the skies and above
Owning a World of Thy own.


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