Friday, December 11, 2015


I am going back..
Do I feel home-coming?
After six months of a break
From the usual and happy family life
It seemed all in place when I left
It feels the same now.. All in place..
An impending agony that yearns for a miracle..
A miracle that stops this journey..
Is it because of Unfinished Business?
Or because of the fear to face Faces?
Numerous questions flooding the heart..
Will there be Acceptance or Anger?
Will there be Paradise or Prison?
Will those magical moments come again?

The irony of life... Giving up
You have to give up on Sugar
When you want to relish the real taste of Coffee..
You have to sacrifice a Candle 
To have a room lit.
The boon of life...Change
No place, No situation is Permanent
When the sky is blue and the time is ripe.. 
Flowers will blossom and the spring shall come..
Limitless will be your space 
To fly high and be yourself.

My eyes are drowned, In tears of Love, 
Unable to accept,
For is it an End or a New beginning?
For is it tomorrow or days later?
That I shall be by your side
To be myself.
Will the day come?
Will We Qualify the test of Time?
Will I Sail the Sea of Work?
Will I get to Fight the War of Competition?
Will there be a Chance?
To prove that to Let Go was Wiser..
To prove I touched the Thorn
Searching a Rose..
To find Myself in the World of Judgements.
To find Peace in the World of Questions
To Let Go and not Let Go
To be able to find oneness in thyself. 


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  1. This is weirdly making sense
    Now I feel like writing lyrics for a song