Thursday, December 10, 2015


A Dedication to Family and Friends 

The First Flight

When I told my friends and relatives that I got a job in Zambia, the first reaction was- "Don't Go Its not SAFE!". I was terrorized about various risks ranging from Witch Craft, Trafficking, Rape, Terrorist Attacks and what not. For many my thirst to seek new experience was a stupid move. Many even warned me that I wouldn't have any support and if I shall be in trouble I will be doomed forever. I appreciate their concern, though they are not going to be the first to rescue if I got in trouble in my own land. 
It took serious determination to take the very first step of my career in a foreign land. Being a GIRL of 22, Single and only daughter to my parents made it even more difficult to just Go for it. Luckily I had my entire Family backing me up. Open enough to understand my interests and bold enough to support their girl beyond Social Stigma.
I still remember the moment when my brother explained, "Everybody is born and they Die in this world. If something has to happen to you, it cannot be stopped even if you are sitting next to us. It is rather better to have an adventurous and different end by being eaten up by an animal in a Jungle or by being a captive to a terrorist or any risk of such sorts. So just be bold enough and give it your best shot". Those excellent words of inspiration from an Indian Brother is rare. I can remember the frightened stares of my Mother and could listen to her blood pumping out from her heart so fast in anxiety and love for her daughter everytime when someone blew the Warning Whistle. The concerned eyes of a Father who had greater aspirations for his daughter's Life. A bunch of friends carrying mixed feelings of pride and sorrow to part from their dearest friend. They gave me the best memories in life that even if I wouldn't come back due to some tragic effect of my stars' alignment, I wouldn't have anything to regret in life. Yes, thats how my journey, my first flight experience, my life in a total new land began. I dint shed a tear, for I was proud and happy to have such meaningful people in my life.
It is indeed a pride feeling when you family listens to you when the rest of the world doesn't. For many days I kept looking at the words "Behind every Successful Woman, there is a family that Trusted Her and Not the Society". They made me feel exalted. 
A family that every Indian Girls dreams to have. A set of meaningful people who value your opinions over their intentions. Who are not jealous but only concerned. The only thought that ran during my entire journey was to return the gratitude by making them feel the same pride. To aim at the skies and beyond. To show them that all those short-comings were worth experiencing. With true aspirations and inspirations to fly greater heights I took my First Flight. 
Sometimes when I am alone or with a group of my Zambian friends, I wondered why all that fear and doubt was even there? There was even a guilt feeling that even I was stupid enough to be Judgmental about the fellow Humans of another land and to have had the slightest thought that it was a RISKY expedition. I sometimes cursed myself for being so Insensible. How did I make the mistake of being prejudiced about the people of a land that I never knew? For days my movements at job was also influenced by this prejudice. But soon the learned mind and social personality in me explored the truth and my idiosyncracies snarled at me calling me a Stupid Prejudiced Woman. 
No country, race or people are to be frightened of, they are also driven by the same values of Humanity like us, they also have an empathizing heart and emotion filled life to deal with, they are nothing high or low to us and not every person in a country is bad just because some calamity is portrayed to us in the Media. We have a common race called "Humans" and we share the same ideas and values despite our differences. A learning worth the Ten thousand Miles of Travel away from near and Dear ones. The guilt disappeared as I slowly started letting myself to be a part of their life. Perhaps this was the exposure and experience I yearned for. 
To let oneself to see thy neighbor as equal, 
To let oneself that the differences of race caste religion are just superficial and is umbrellad under one Kind called "Humanity", 
To let out go of inhibitions and prejudices and to be one with all. 
The question of If I Will regret ended with this moment of happy Realization. This country is a place I would always love to come back. "One YA (ZAMBIA & INDIA- YA Factor) One Emotion- As said by Fr. David in his Farewell Speech in my college". 

Love & Apologies 



  1. Glad you feel that way :) such prejudices are everywhere. It takes an open minded person to see things differently. It was great meeting you!